After art school and 30 years in marketing, I decided to offer my own creations. So I combined my 2 greatest interests, (Guitars & Art), into one effort: GUITART. I see a need for greater uniqueness in the presentation of guitars and am now striving, through art, to fulfill that need for one individual at a time. I present my efforts as pieces of art that happen to include tailorable and highly-functional guitars. At the end of the day, I’m just an artist/musician who knows it’s very possible to collectively arrive at a GUITART solution that is as unique as you, your music, and the music you appreciate.

Throughout my life, the guitar has been a beautiful conduit through which I was able to express myself in countless ways. It’s been a joy, a therapeutic tool, a friend, and a stable element that keeps me sane. Those of you who really love to play understand. I love the instrument and I apply my feelings and beliefs into every piece I create. Guitars can also be extremely personal. So when I build a piece of GUITART, I seldom strive to appeal to the masses. One person at a time is plenty.

In the spirit of promoting the creation, sharing and appreciation of music, I choose to combine my GUITART creations with a wall-mount structure that enhances and completes the overall concept. You can separate the two, but when you’re not playing the guitar, it belongs on your wall for all to see – especially you. It should be visible, accessible and a constant reminder to pick it up every day and create something new. It doesn’t belong in a case in a closet in a corner in the dark. Perish the thought.

Play it or display it!