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Egyptian Steampunk

-  S O L D  -

Somewhere around 1300 BC, recently-unearthed evidence indicates there was a Egyptian pharaoh whose devine name was Tununcommon - (the closest translation to date is “ Living Image of Hathor”.

Hathor was a major goddess and, when she wasn’t being a total bitch, represented music, dance, joy, love and sex. Many premier Egyptologists agree that Hathor, well over 3000 years ago, represented our current concept of “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll”. Historical findings suggest that Tununcommon was like way into this kind of stuff.

Now it is important to know that Tununcommon may have been the lesser-known twin brother of Tutankhamun. However, because of the former’s rebellious, bohemian nature, he did not receive, upon his demise, the attention his brother did. That said, Tununcommon was a pharaoh and it was still incumbent upon his priests to send him off to the next world with the thing he loved most in this world - and that was the guitar.

The guitar pictured herein was found in Tununcommon’s tomb enclosed within 3 separate carcophicaie. On each, in hieroglyphics, was an inscription that roughly translates to:

Tununcommon Rocked This World. May He Rock The Next.

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Ra is in the details.

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