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I love guitars and fishing so much, I married them. I incorporated a fishing rod & reel within an acoustic guitar while maintaining the functionality of both. And ergonomics? Have you ever noticed that the physical motions of catching a fish and wailing on a guitar are identical? This is no fluke! The guitar and a fishing rig were destined to be together. I just happened to set up their first date.

But, alas, every marriage comes with sacrifice (understatement). I wouldn’t perform at Carnegie Hall with my Fishing Guitar unless they had some attractive game fish in the audience. And, I wouldn’t try to land a marlin with it unless I was certain the marlin REALLY, REALLY liked my music.

No, the Fishing Guitar is more about chillaxing at the end of the day, at the end of a pier with a beer and a line in the water to fish for whatever. If nothing bites, you’re golden! - ‘cause you get to work on your next great song. If something bites, you’re golden – ‘cause you get to land a fish.

There are no guarantees about this offering other than you CAN play a song with the Fishing Guitar and you CAN catch a fish with it. If you’re successful in playing a song WHILE catching a fish, PLEASE send me the video! I will build a Website just for this.

GitReel Key 1 H.jpg

With CG, there's no such thing as TMI.

Your satisfaction with any piece of CONNER GUITART is based on adequate knowledge of that piece BEFORE you purchase it. I strive to offer as much visual and verbal information as possible and I am constantly adding new information to my product pages and FAQs. That said, I know there will always be new questions. So, please, never hesitate to CONTACT me. I learn new things from my friends every day.

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