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What if raindrops, when falling through a rainbow, assumed the colors of that rainbow and then landed on a guitar? This “What if?” was the thought behind this execution – nothing more. Some things are just refreshingly simple. You know, like rain.

This was so much fun to create. I love all colors. And, in their infinite variations, represent amazing tools for expression. If you commission a piece like this, it can be customized to YOUR palette. Got an idea? Just let me know.

Rainbow Rain: Text
RBR PDP Key Image.jpg
Rainbow Rain: Image

With CG, there's no such thing as TMI.

Your satisfaction with any piece of CONNER GUITART is based on adequate knowledge of that piece BEFORE you purchase it. I strive to offer as much visual and verbal information as possible and I am constantly adding new information to my product pages and FAQs. That said, I know there will always be new questions. So, please, never hesitate to CONTACT me. I learn new things from my friends every day.

Rainbow Rain: Text
Rainbow Rain: Work
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