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This guitar was custom designed and created specifically for a dyed-in-the-wool southern rocker and amazing musician - Gary Lee Jeffries.

Every single part of this guitar was hand-picked, then distressed and aged - as if they had been dredged up from the bottom of a Louisiana swamp after 50 years - right down to the REAL alligator teeth in the headstock.

Parts include a one piece solid poplar body (rear routed control cavity), 22-fret maple neck (shallow "C"), Fender '64 Telecaster Pickups, sideless ashtray bridge pickup plate, solid brass compensated saddles, 1/8 inch forged steel neck pickup plate, Hipshot locking tuning machines, Hipshot "Drop D" GT2 XTender, Fender vintage string tree, CTS 250K pots, high-pass treble bleed on volume pot, Kaisch 3-way switch, Pure Tone double-contact output jack, Fender strap locks, and more.


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It gets better every day and I have played it every day since I received it. Never in my life of music have I had such an honor! This guitar is a part of my soul! Love you brother! Thank you!"

Gary Jeffries, The Gary Jeffries Band

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